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Corrina's voice will draw you in... where you'll be met with a heart to match. Her soul-filled vocal and whimsical lyrics make for a performance you won't forget! With influences from folk, rock, pop, and singer/songwriter genres, she creates a unique bed of sound for her music to lay. The young artist's joyful personality and captivating music is like a group hug where no one is left out. You feel known and heard -- and by the end of the night -- like she's your biggest fan. 


Growing up in Nashville, Corrina was surrounded by music in and out of her home. She was "bitten by the music bug" and went from singing her songs tucked away in her room to places like the Grand Ole Opry, the Music City Center, and the Ryman Auditorium. Corrina is a world class lyricist, inspired by painters and musicians alike, making her music illustrate an introspective yet universal picture.

"SHE WON'T" out now !!!

Opening for Ashley Monroe and Friends

Wed, Nov 01

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Read about the Soyuz Session here:

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